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What do customers think & feel about your product and services? enables companies to create new products and services based on real customer feedback better than ever. Develop products and deliver great services based on actionable insights.

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Why you should be using

Optimize your products & services based on real customer feedback

These days customers leave their feedback on your product and services all over the internet. We collect your feedback and process it with our unique machine intelligence – developed by us specifically for this task.

The result is an actionable dashboard which delivers consistent insights on the performance of your products and services. Now you know exactly what your customers think: the problems and benefits, opinions and sentiments.

Actionable Insights

Get to know what your customers think and feel about your products and services. Based on your reviews we enable you to take actions!

Better Products

According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, each year more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched and 80% of them fail.

With our actionable insights you will always be able to improve your existing products and services and create new ones based on your actual and very real customer feedback. Highlight your USP with the words of consumers!

Happier customers

Give your customers the perfect product and service, that they truly want to use and they will appreciate it!

How helps you

The Power of Customer Feedback

Do you truly know in this exact moment what your customers think about your best-selling product? Really?

And by knowing we don’t mean that you have an idea of your recent support tickets or an Excel document with reviews from some online portals where your company is present. What we mean are deep insights into the emotions and motivations of your customers and what specifically they like or don’t like about your product.

Wouldn’t it be great to know these things from real customers instead of surveys and market reasearch results? To have actionable instructions, how you can improve your product to make it better?

Foresee customer behavior

Product developers, marketers and service responsibles want to understand instant feedback of many consumers and create a holistic view instead of small focus groups.

Customer centric

They want to understand how the sentiment of customers for products changes over time instead of one-time researches.

Value based actions

They want to aggregate the feedback into actions instead of lengthy reports. In a nutshell, they need a fast, flexible and simple solution to show consistent results!


How we analyze your feedback

We are very committed on deep learning methods and supervised learning and build applications for marketing purposes, market research and product development.

To give you a better understanding of how works in all its facettes, you can find a detailed explanation down below.


It is an important part of understanding the customer, to know what makes them upset or what they are really happy about. To help you to understand your customer's emotions, we are extracting the customer statements sentiment and present you with highly emotional passages - both negative and positive. In addition you can see, how your customer emotions develop over time.


Products can have some thousands of reviews across multiple platforms, a major challenge is to understand, what product aspects are business relevant. Which features of your product are disliked and which features are loved. We extract key aspects from the reviews and aggregate them for you. You can use them to gain a valuable and reliable customer insight.


One of the central inputs for good product development is the opinion of your customers. Besides knowing what aspect of your product people are talking about, you want to know what their opinion is about your product. We combine sentiment and aspect extraction to provide you with a detailed opinion map of your customer. Dashboard

Your insights center

Every important information in one dashboard

Imagine hundreds and thousands of your product reviews. All from different customers with different emotions, motivations and problems.

Now imagine all important data and aspects extracted from those reviews – wrapped in actionable dashboard elements.

Crawling & Aggregation

We gather our data from all around the web – from online shops to blog comments and forum posts. All our crawlers need to work their magic is the EAN of your product. You can also import your own customer feedback via XLS.


After we gathered enough data for your product, we open the doors to our AI. We analyze all of the feedback and extract the vital findings.

Dashboard visualization in real time

The last step we need to do, is to display our findings to you. You can log into your personalized dashboard and see your actionable insights in real time.

The dashboard in detail

We are confident that will help your business improve its products and services with little effort based on real existing customer feedback.

With the interactive and personalized dashboard you get the right insights in real time.


Interactive graphics allow you to explore how your customers are feeling about your products. And more importantly, these graphics allow you to explore the reasons for your customers feelings. You gain quantitative statistics about how positive, neutral or negative the features of your products are experienced. Tackling these problems will help you to get customer satisfaction to the next level.


Never lose sight where your most talkative customers are: Your new dashboard will show you from where all the feedback has been collected. Of course you will get detailed statistics about each and every shop, blog, etc. … about internal sources like your intranet, CRM and customer service data and external data like blogs, forums, shops etc. It will also allow you to compare this with feedback you have collected yourself via market research.


Probably one of the most important features: Timeline plots will show you how sentiment, mentioned features and commenting of your customers evolves over time. This helps you to track campaigns and your actions to enhance the perception of your customers. Closely relate the desires of your customers with your product development process. With timelines you can react on the customer nearly in real-time and recognize the advent of new players and estimate their impact in your market.

One more thing…

How you can use in your business

We focus on the following use cases and industries:

eCommerce / Retail




What customers think about

”Very clear and easy to understand.”

”This is really great and a good resource. Other teams look at reviews as well, but it takes too much time.”

” is a tremendous tool and delivers spectacular insights. It could definitely be a game changer for product development.”


Our mission

“We strongly believe it is time for AI to show its value based on harvesting new, unstructured data sources for dedicated industries. The automated processing of language has now the capabilities to deliver new insights and leading to data driven decision making. Our personal motivation is to prove this new capability with Insaas.

Since my linguistic studies, I have been working with software to process language. My early experiences at Harvard University (2009) showed me the disruptive potential of Natural Language Processing (NLP). I have extensively worked on Search Engine Optimisation and Big Data challenges (DMP). Therefore I’m very familiar with the opportunities software based language processing and AI can bring to companies.

Our aim is to develop a SaaS platform to deliver valuable insights. Energized by the successful pilots we are committed to show our clients the value of our work.”

Korbinian Spann, CEO

Korbinian Spann, Founder and CEO

Korbinian is a proven and well-known expert for languages, digital marketing and data science. As a consultant he created concepts and strategies for many years and supported clients as a project manager to successfully implement digital projects.

He came up with the idea of Insaas already 2016 and build a first POC that was successfully implemented. After working for many years as a manager in digital marketing and eCommerce for both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sector,, he decided in April 2018 to work independently and start to realise the idea of Insaas. In March 2019, he founded Insaas with two experts in Munich.

Karan Singh, Founder and Advisor

Karan is a Digital-age Tech Entrepreneur. During his 24 years of experience, he has worked with global companies like IBM, Accenture and L&T Infotech in Europe.

Karan has solid experience and a successful track record of setting-up Technology Competence Centres and Digital age Solutions for Data monetization and new age business models. He has conceptualized and incubated enterprise level AI based applications.


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Do you know why 80% of product launches fail? According to professor Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business School ), each year more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched but 80% of them fail. Responsible for this are various reasons: the setup of the company,...

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