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As part of the award ceremony for the German Award for Sustainable Projects 2022, three of the 2022 award winners were interviewed. wins 1st place in the "German Awards for Sustainability Projects 2022" in the category "Assessment Concepts".
The Head of Marketing at VAUDE and client was recognized this year as an outstanding marketer and communications professional. uses AI and automation to help SMEs and enterprise companies find out specifically their "WHYs".
Customer Insights Analytics can help companies improve customer retention in their business units, make existing customer management more successful, and evaluate new business options.
What is customer experience (CX), what KPIs are there to measure it, and how can you increase customer satisfaction?
With Prof. Dr. Gerald Huber, has gained a very experienced shareholder and investor who is well versed in the field of personalized medicine.
VAUDE relies on artificial intelligence. The software enables more precise insights for increased customer satisfaction.

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This e-book is aimed at decision-makers in the insurance and banking sectors, as well as anyone interested in learning about and understanding new methods for customer and consumer research.
This whitepaper describes how Insaas and LMU Munich have used publicly available feedback on car insurance in Germany to develop a proprietary pipeline for calculating and visualizing customer opinions.
This white paper describes how insurance companies can use customer insights to provide their customers with a tailored offering and thus capture new market share.

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Optimization of a broker network at Rheinland

Optimization of products at Vaude