What does sustainability mean for insurance customers?

This e-book is aimed at decision-makers in the insurance and banking sector, as well as anyone interested in learning about and understanding new methods for customer and consumer research.

We also address people who already have first experience with data-driven analysis and methods, and audiences who are aware of the importance of the topic of sustainability.

This E-Book is available in German.


Sustainability is currently on the minds of everyone. Lip service and declarations of intent are no longer enough today. It is high time to follow words with deeds and to address the issue conscientiously and entrepreneurially.

Likewise, the pressure on companies to act is increasing directly and from several sides at the same time: regulators, stakeholders and consumers are demanding and rewarding verifiable sustainability. Failure to respond to this represents a business risk, and not just for the insurance and banking industries.

As a result, sustainability is one of the most important trends of today – the ability to safeguard the natural and human systems of tomorrow by acting prudently and responsibly today.

One reason for this trend is the increasing awareness of climate change among ever broader segments of the population. This gives rise to three relevant areas of responsibility for business, which are summarized under the acronym ESG.

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