Our IP and our approach

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Our story

Since 2019, Insaas.ai has been running successful projects for CPG, Automotive and Finance. Together with the LMU Munich, a research project was launched in June 2020 to investigate the customer centricity of German car insurers.

For this project, public feedback from more than 100 different sources of the 18 largest German insurance companies was collected and analyzed. Various NLP classifiers and dictionaries were developed specifically for this purpose. The result was a publication in Applied Marketing Analytics.

This approach evolved into Insaas VECTOR, an analytics dashboard for customer research, in the fall of 2020. Insaas VECTOR was further developed in 2022 into two services, Product Insights and Geo Intelligence.

Insaas.ai thus offers a disruptive, data-driven approach to discovering and assessing relevant consumer feedback at scale and in near real-time.

Our added value

Currently, marketers and CMOs must position brands, services and products in an uncertain economic environment. Global competition and changing consumer behavior are normal.

Usually, direct feedback, customer service and market research are found in different data silos, making it difficult to get a 360° view of the voice of the customer. Manual analysis of feedback is costly and error-prone. As a result, marketers today are not really able to understand customer feedback simultaneously in large volumes and in detail.

At the same time, personalization of communication and products is a growing priority to retain customers in the long term and increase brand loyalty. To cope with the growing amount of data, customer research needs to be automated.

With Insaas.ai, marketing, sales and product departments have a dashboard that enables them to aggregate customer feedback from various internal and external channels and analyze thousands of customer opinions in terms of metrics.

How companies work with Insaas.ai

There are several use cases for applying Insaas.ai to quickly and efficiently use customer feedback for development and optimization.

When marketers have the information from Insaas.ai at their fingertips, they are immediately able to identify product and service improvements in relation to the competition and increase customer satisfaction.

With feedback growing over time and Insaas.ai’s self-learning system, marketers can sustainably optimize metrics such as churn rate, lifetime value and NPS.

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