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Comparison and objective evaluation of customer satisfaction

Customer experience is crucial for success and can be qualitatively evaluated and measured with Insaas.ai independently of the NPS.

Market research, as simple as web analytics

Combine market research results with unaided feedback to unleash the full potential of your data.

Compare your company and your products to the direct competition. Uncover your competitors’ weaknesses and identify trends early!

Dynamic dashboards instead of one-off reports

You define the update interval for your data. You can flexibly decide how often we want to evaluate your data.

This way, you always get up-to-date insights into your customers’ communication and can react to changes and trends at an early stage. Gone are the days of an expensive and one-off market research report.


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Managers in sales, product development and marketing must be able to make binding decisions. These decisions, e.g. for or against a new product innovation, are ultimately bets on a yet unknown future.

At Insaas.ai, we know that it is indispensable for companies of all sizes to create a knowledge base that is as objective as possible in order to holistically evaluate options, risks, trends and market developments.

Market Research Analytics takes over the analysis of tens or hundreds of thousands of target group feedbacks and product-relevant user-generated content (VoC – Voice of the Customer) about the market, brands & trends, products and services.

Sources for this can be internal (e.g. emails, CRM, support tickets etc.) and/or external silos on the public web (e.g. online reviews, blogs and forum posts, online stores etc.).

The collected data is automatically cleaned, anonymized, merged and analyzed – using AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (natural language processing). GDPR compliant.

Data-driven market research analytics more specifically examines audience statements that have been voiced organically, voluntarily, and completely uninfluenced than any other method.

It’s important to understand that in most cases, this data is already available in multiple channels, but is not yet being analyzed by most companies. Get a head start on your competition.

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With Product Insights and Geo Intelligence, Insaas.ai helps companies to make important decisions and to be able to answer targeted strategic questions at any time, e.g.:

  • How does our target customer group rate our products?
  • And how about those of our competitors?
  • Can we successfully place our new product on the market in a timely manner?
  • Which product features have a negative impact on our sales?
  • In which innovations and trends should we invest?
  • Are the USP dimensions of our offerings still right (product, service, features, price, etc.)?
  • Are we using the right buzzwords and keywords to target our customers?
  • How well/badly does communication work on our existing sales channels (int./ext.)?
  • How can we increase customer lifetime value (CLV) in the long term?

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In general, market research is a tried-and-tested approach to exploring one’s own target group and providing answers to questions about customer preferences. In classic market research, active surveys and interviews are usually used as the basis for this.

The biggest problem with this methodology, however, is that consumers are influenced both by active questioning (interviewer effect) and by giving answers that are considered socially desirable (social desirability bias).

It is therefore hardly possible to find out the unbiased and uninfluenced “real” opinion of the target group through surveys and to classify these results as representative or even COMPLETE.

An example in the context of outdoor clothing:

When customers are asked about the ideal characteristics of a rain jacket, they lack a comparison of all the products available on the market. The answers given therefore relate only to the respondents’ (at best) own experience and perspective.

For these reasons, so-called assisted surveys are a valuable source in the first step, but they only provide statements from a limited number of consumers (+/- 400), cannot be easily generalized, and are generally very resource-intensive (personnel and working time).

Qualitative findings from surveys and focus groups can therefore be a FIRST starting point, but these results can only be linked poorly or not at all with other quantitative KPIs (such as the conversion rate).

Another example Star Rating:

Whether a customer gives 3-4 or 5 stars does not tell the company how they rate product quality or service.

It can be a mixture of many factors. The basis of the rating thus remains in the dark and cannot be used in a value-adding way for the analysis.

Our customers want to know how market research can be sustainably linked to e.g. the data-driven world of current online marketing or product development – agile or waterfall.

Insaas.ai supports here and delivers added value for the company in a timely manner.

On average 65% cheaper than classic market research, faster (approx. 4-8 weeks) and always up-to-date through weekly, monthly or quarterly updates of the data sources to be considered.

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As part of the award ceremony for the German Award for Sustainable Projects 2022, three of the 2022 award winners were interviewed.
Insaas.ai wins 1st place in the "German Awards for Sustainability Projects 2022" in the category "Assessment Concepts".
The Head of Marketing at VAUDE and Insaas.ai client was recognized this year as an outstanding marketer and communications professional.

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