Drive profit with targeted products and services to inspire your customers!

Increase your conversion, reduce churn with data-driven insights on your target groups. In real time. lifts the data treasure across all channels and silos

Net Promoter Score and surveys provide only limited insights regarding customer needs. makes customer communication accessible across all channels and uncovers hidden potential.


increase in customer communications each year across all channels


of all companies that invest in customer experience see an increase in revenue


billion U.S. companies lose each year due to customer churn resulting from CX issues

Data silos prevent a holistic view of customer needs

Emails, support tickets, social media and portals cannot be summarized and evaluated.

Silo knowledge in the respective departments cannot be linked
Data sets are difficult to link and combine
Holistic understanding of customer preference is limited

Customer satisfaction cannot be assessed objectively

Customer experience is crucial for success, but can only be inadequately evaluated and measured with the help of the Net Promoter Score.

Customer opinions cannot be translated into actions (call-to-action)
Feedback can only be evaluated manually in small numbers
The NPS does not provide detailed insights into why customers are satisfied or dissatisfied
of all product launches fail

You don’t want a slow seller but a blockbuster

Launching new products into the market costs an average of $1.5 million. We help you understand your target group with their wishes and needs so that your product launch is a big success. For this purpose analyzes colloquial texts from customer communication from different channels. This allows you to identify customer wishes and preferences in real time and optimize your products.

Insaas Vector – Insights as a Service

Insaas Vector connects all your feedback channels in one dashboard and lets you optimize and personalize your products and marketing communications based on this data.

Data silos are combined automatically
Internal and external feedback sources are normalized and integrated
Easy analysis of results in a customized dashboard

Market research, as simple as web analytics

Combine your market research results with passive feedback to unleash the full potential of your data.

Compare your company and your products to the direct competition. Uncover your competitors’ weaknesses and recognize trends!

Analyze unaided customer communications from multiple channels
Easily combine market research and communications for products and categories
Analyze and compare offerings from competitors

Dynamic dashboards instead of one-off reports

You define the update interval for your data. You can flexibly decide how often we want to evaluate your data.

This way, you always get up-to-date insights into your customers’ communication and can react to changes and trends at an early stage. Gone are the days of an expensive and one-off market research report.

Comparison of customer communication over time
Individual definition of intervals for the analyses
Subsequent adaptation of new parameters and criteria possible

The perfect solution for Content Marketing

Content Marketing delivers detailed information about the preferences of target audiences to increase traffic and engagement for content and campaigns.

Sales Excellence provides deep insights and understanding of customer behavior and upcoming trends to drive revenue and support your sales.

Product Optimization makes it easy for product managers to validate features from the customer’s perspective to develop the best products.

Data-driven Medicine aggregates patient feedback on medicines and therapies to optimize personalized treatment in the future.

That is why our customers trust us

For us, the automated analysis of feedback from various channels is very important in order to improve our offer. This enables us to respond better and faster to our customers and help them when needed.
Dr. Michael Greiner
Insaas has helped us quickly and easily develop a deeper understanding of our customers' needs. The software is built in such a way that anyone can use it without any additional effort.
Martin Siegle
Admiral Entertainment
The analysis of Insaas was a great help for us. We already use various tools to analyse the online feedback for our products, but that takes too long and is costly.
Felix Bäuerle

When do you start to understand your customers?

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Onboarding workshop and definition of sources
Optimize products and services using your custom dashboard

We protect and anonymize your data

For our Privacy by Design approach, the protection of your company and customer data is crucial. Since we do not need personal data for our evaluations, we anonymize it from all our data sets before we process it further.

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