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Understand Consumers and Users. Measure Customer Centricity. Personalize Your Offering.

Understand consumers

Automate the processing of unstructured text with AI!

Measure customer centricity

Transform feedback into measurable insights!

Personalize your offering

Individualize products and communication with those insights!

Our approach

Three steps for accurate text analysis

You can easily analyze customer testimonials and unstructured text with Insaas. All you need to do is define the data sources.

1. Data Consolidation

In the first step, you define the desired data sources that are collected by us (crawling, API, data lake), regardless of their form, quantity and quality.

2. Data Processing

Once the data is available, we will clean it up and transfer it to training sets. This is the basis to determine sentiment and aspects automatically.

3. Dashboard or API

The results include entities, aspects and sentiment. Use our dashboard or an API to process and consume the results.

Our Technology & IP

How we analyse unstructured data

We combine artificial intelligence, validated rules and industry specific dictionaries to automatically process unstructured text.

Natural Language Processing

With our SaaS solution, we predict the appropriate aspects and sentiments from unstructured text and link them to entities. We use machine learning algorithms and work with BERT and statistical models.

Validated rules

To analyze unstructured text for languages (like German and English), we add rules to improve the results. We develop these rules and adapt them to the respective language, for example lemmatization.

Specific Dictionaries

In order to clearly define aspects and sentiments in all cases, we create our own dictionaries from customer testimonials, for each language and industry. We adapt our approach individually for each customer. The quality of the results improves over time.


Why companies choose Insaas

Insaas solves challenges for companies by automatically analyzing unstructured text to predict trends and to help identify correlations.

Customer Centricity for Insurance

Our solution: Customer Voice Analytics
WHO: specialist department.
WHY: identify new topics, define niches and adapt communication to the customer's language.
BENEFIT: we offer the “Customer Centricity Graph” to measure Customer Centricity for insurance.

Customer Relationship Monitoring for Service Providers

Our solution: Process Automation
WHO: marketing and service departments.
WHY: measuring quality of service and communication.
BENEFIT: unstructured texts and CRM data are processed automatically.

Customer Expectation Prediction for B2B & Manufacturers

Our solution: Quality Analysis for Brands
WHO: marketing.
WHY: comprehensive overview of competitor products and brands.
BENEFIT: automatically summarize customer opinions from internal and external sources and filter by sentiment.

Our customers & partners

What customers think about Insaas

Insaas has helped us quickly and easily develop a deeper understanding of our customers' needs. The software is built in such a way that anyone can use it without any additional effort.
Martin Siegle, Admiral Entertainment
The analysis of Insaas was a great help for us. We already use various tools to analyse the online feedback for our products, but that takes too long and is costly.
Felix Bäuerle, Beiersdorf
With the help of Insaas, we were able to analyze the emotions and potential for improvement in customer feedback in even greater detail and use them directly to optimize our product.
Christoph Commes, Bits & Pretzels
For us, the automated analysis of feedback from various channels is very important in order to improve our offer. This enables us to respond better and faster to our customers and help them when needed.
Dr. Michael Greiner, BSH

What partners think about Insaas

We are glad to have Insaas as a partner. Its attitude to build customer centric services and solutions based on data is very close to Dealavo’s values.
Jakub Kot, Dealavo
We are pleased to have a great collaboration partner in Insaas to extend our use case of anonymizing personal data to product and service analysis.
Ramin Karbalaie, NAIX
OneVenture supports data-driven start-ups. Insaas convinces us because this software solution makes customer feedback tangible and comprehensible for marketers and CMOs.
Volker Helm, OneBigWave
Insaas gets to the bottom of theses and issues. I think that's very important, because all people have the right to be looked at in a way that's not just superficial. For corporate strategies, this can mean making diversity and tolerance a theme of meaning and affirming young people in their openness.
Dirk Kartes, EINHORN Marken Agentur
The services provided by Insaas complement our service portfolio in an ideal way. Their analyses help to efficiently derive concrete improvement approaches for our clients from a multitude of free-form customer opinions. Thus, they are a valuable basis for our consulting work.
Dr. Thomas K. Hamann, T. K. Hamann
DataValueThinking is a framework that supports companies in generating added value from their data. With its innovative evaluation approach based on artificial intelligence, Insaas is a perfect example of how data and information can be evaluated and measured. Thus, data and its evaluation contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and thus the value of the company.
Thomas Balgheim, Data Value Thinking
I am convinced that the added value of artificial intelligence lies in the analysis of new, unstructured data sources for specific topics and industries. Automated processing of language offers unlimited possibilities to enable new insights and data-driven decisions. It is my goal to prove these new capabilities with Insaas.

Since my linguistic studies, I have been working with software to process language. My experience at Harvard University (2009) showed me the potential of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Since then, I have been working extensively on Search Engine Optimization and Big Data. We will provide the insights for the marketing of the future by developing a SaaS platform.

Dr. Korbinian Spann
Founder & Managing Director

About us

The team around Insaas

We are an international and dedicated team from Germany and India.

Dr. Korbinian Spann

Founder & Managing Director
Korbinian is a recognized expert in languages, digital marketing and data science.

In 2016, Korbinian developed the idea of Insaas and successfully built a first POC to make customer voices accessible for marketing.

Karan Singh

Founder & Incubation
Karan has solid experience and a successful track record of setting-up technology competence centers and digital age solutions for data monetization and new age business models. He has conceptualized and incubated enterprise level AI based applications.

Markus Iwanczok

Head of Product
Markus has more than 20 years of experience in IT and Data Science as a founder, expert and senior manager. The focus of his expertise is on data and behavioral science. He has worked at GfK for more than 12 years with a focus on digital products for the global market.

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