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Is it possible to completely automate customer communication?

The amount of communication is growing inexorably in all industries and companies, and with it the effort to process this communication is also growing. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers good opportunities to automate communication with customers.
For example, chatbots are already in use to answer simple customer questions directly. Automated document summarization is also increasingly being used to process texts automatically rather than having to read them. Artificial intelligence is a tool for recognizing patterns in texts. But can it be used to completely automate communication? Our customers often ask themselves these questions.
Processing “natural” and unstructured texts is not a trivial task, as spelling and grammatical errors sometimes make processing difficult. In addition, reviews, blog posts and emails follow different specifications. Finally, many people have their own writing style to express themselves.
Neither spoken nor written language can be mapped completely logically, but contain irregularities. In this chaos, it is very difficult for AI to recognize patterns. In comparison, the analysis of structured documents, such as contracts, is much easier.
For artificial intelligence to deliver meaningful results, it needs clear guidance and must be trained. Therefore, purely automated processing of written language is not really possible. The more specifically the context is defined for the AI, the better the results.
An example of this is “liability insurance” or “outdoor clothing”. So automation relies on constant training of the AI, for which we have developed our own software at Insaas. It’s like in sports: only those who train will get the best results.
The next step is an AI that “learns” from its mistakes and permanently delivers better results. This is the step we are implementing at Insaas to continuously optimize the summary as the amount of data increases.
In conclusion, all current systems can only automate individual steps of customer communication.
For more information on this topic, listen to the podcast of nullbiseins, in which our CEO Dr. Korbinian Spann was a guest.
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Dr. Korbinian Spann
1. August 2021