Reading time: 1 min and T. K. Hamann announce cooperation and T. K. Hamann plan to cooperate in the area of customer insights in the future. stands for ‘Insights as a service’. The company offers the possibility of analyzing customer testimonials and unstructured text simply and easily. Typical sources are free-text reviews of products and services by customers on websites and in forums. has developed its own software to perform such analyses, combining artificial intelligence, validated rules and industry-specific dictionaries.

Dr. Thomas K. Hamann explains that’s services ideally complement T. K. Hamann’s portfolio of offerings. This is because the analyses help to very efficiently derive concrete improvement approaches for clients from numerous freely formulated customer opinions. This makes them a valuable basis for consulting work.

Conversely,’s cooperation expands its own range of services to include comprehensive consulting, which derives clear recommendations for action based on the insights gained and offers active support in their implementation. In this way, the full potential can be realized.

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Dr. Korbinian Spann
20. July 2020