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Insaas and Lighthouse Horizon to cooperate in the field of market research

Munich, August 23, 2021 – Clear recommendations for action derived from the analysis of unstructured customer feedback – that is the expected result of the partnership between Lighthouse Horizon and Insaas. The collaboration is based on the synergy between Lighthouse Horizon’s expertise in business consulting and strategic marketing and’s specialization in data analysis and data presentation. stands for “Automation for Customer Insights.” The software company provides companies with the ability to quickly analyze customer testimonials and unstructured text in an automated manner according to their own requirements. Market research and analytics provide companies with new insights into their product portfolio. Typical sources are free-text reviews of products and services by customers on websites and in Internet forums. has developed its own software to perform such analyses, combining artificial intelligence, validated rules and industry-specific dictionaries.

Dr. Alexander Linder explains that’s services ideally complement Lighthouse Horizon’s portfolio of offerings. This is because the analyses help to derive concrete optimizations for clients very efficiently from a large number of voluntarily formulated customer statements. The customer statements obtained from the analysis can be combined with the customer statements from classic market research. This results in an expanded, holistic understanding of the customer, which forms the basis for targeted consulting.

Conversely, expands its own range of services through the cooperation to include comprehensive consulting, which derives clear recommendations for action on the basis of the insights gained and offers active support in their implementation. In this way, the full potential can be realized.

About Insaas is focused on applied artificial intelligence (Applied AI). We focus on Deep Learning and Supervised Learning methods to provide automated extraction and semantic aggregation of text. Our goal is to create software applications for marketing purposes, market research and product development.

About Lighthouse Horizon

Dr. Alexander Linder works with entrepreneurs and marketing executives to develop sound solutions through professional market research, aligned business strategy and clear, strategic marketing, always focused on execution.

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Denis Kargl
23. August 2021