Dealavo and Insaas announce partnership for e-commerce data insights

Analyzing e-commerce data in order to get valuable insights based on reliable market data.
Munich and Warsaw, April 26, 2021 – Valuable insights based on reliable market data – this is the expected outcome of a partnership between Dealavo and Insaas. The collaboration will be based on the synergy between Dealavo’s expertise in e-commerce data extraction and Insaas’s specialization in its analysis and presentation.
“Thanks to the partnership with Insaas, the clients will be able to make better decisions based on reliable data,” claims Jakub Kot, CEO of Dealavo. “I believe that this partnership will create a relevant value – primarily in the field of online retail analysis. Thanks to the combination of reliable data delivered by Dealavo and its clear presentation and analysis performed by Insaas, we will be able to create truly valuable e-commerce insights”.
Jakub Kot, CEO of Dealavo
“We are very excited to work with Dealavo because they have great expertise in eCommerce analytics and price monitoring,” states Dr. Korbinian Spann, MD and Head of Data at Insaas. “Together with Dealavo, we can focus on our expertise and rely on high quality data for our customers.”

About Insaas is all about applied artificial intelligence (AAI). It is a company focused especially on deep learning methods and supervised learning. Insaas enables automated extraction and semantic aggregation of text. It offers applications for marketing purposes, market research and product development with a focus on insurance, retail and FMCG products.

About Dealavo

Dealavo is a provider of e-commerce analytics solutions for online shops and brands. It specializes in price monitoring and automation for e-shops and DPSM (Distribution, Pricing, Shelving, Merchandising) solutions for manufacturers. Dealavo cooperates with companies in 32 markets, working with both international companies and representatives of local markets.

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