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What does the brand strategy of the future look like?

In May 2020, CEO Dr. Korbinian Spann discussed with brand expert Dirk Kartes why customer feedback is crucial for the brand strategy of the future and made a short video about it.

Positioning allows a company to differentiate itself from competitors. The decisive factor is customer preferences, which bring about loyalty. These preferences are created by a holistic corporate strategy for the brand. makes these preferences visible through the analyses of customer voices and thus makes the brand strategy measurable. For example, we compare brand values with customer feedback and highlight discrepancies. Our approach is dynamic and takes into account different sources, and is largely automated. Overall, communication is condensed to the basic concepts and customer sentiment is comprehensible.

For Dirk, a strong brand is “condensed information about services, quality and value concepts. It creates trust and is an emotion that conveys certain feelings and images and reduces the risk of making the wrong decision. For the company, it creates new business opportunities, high-quality leads, interaction, motivation and willingness to invest – among customers, employees and partners.”

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Dr. Korbinian Spann
16. August 2020