Product optimization with makes it easy for product managers and product owners to evaluate and validate features from the customer’s perspective to develop the best products

Your goals

Granular analysis of customer feedback at product and category level
Ongoing validation for design thinking
Data-driven exploration of new features and alignment of trends

Our approach to product development combines internal communication (e.g. customer service) and public sources (blogs, forums, stores) to design and develop customer-centric products

Integration of all channels for product feedback
Automated aggregation of feedback on individual products
Insights for agile and waterfall product development

The result enables a data-driven product management to provide all necessary information

What insights will be gained from the analysis?

Performance of individual products and categories from the customer's point of view
Summary of feedback for each individual product

How are the processes improved?

Reduction of product lead time and risk mitigation
Efficient product iterations

How is product management evolving?

Detailed analysis of features across all channels in real time
Analysis of historical data on performance in recent years
Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

Feedback from our customer

.In cooperation with VAUDE, over 100,000 customer opinions from a total of 10 channels were evaluated and presented in a dashboard.

The customer received an analysis on the performance of his brand and on the individual products and categories.

Online, there is a multitude of data sources on our products. By working with, we now have the opportunity to access this untapped treasure for the first time, analyze it and link it to our data to gain valuable insights for our product development and marketing.
Manfred Meindl

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