NAIX and Insaas enter into partnership for personal data processing

Evaluate customer feedback in a GDPR-compliant and anonymized way – the demand for automated anonymized data is high.
Munich and Cologne, March 10, 2021 – An innovative business idea and a high growth potential: this is what characterizes the two startups Insaas and NAIX. In order to be able to use their respective specialized knowledge for new applications in the future, the two providers of AI solutions are now working closely together as part of a partnership. The goal is to analyze personal data from internal data sources in an anonymized and GDPR-compliant manner and make it accessible to companies.
“This cooperation will permanently change the future of customer-oriented companies such as banks and insurance companies, but also online retail,” says Korbinian Spann, CEO of Insaas GmbH. Insaas helps companies to better understand their customers, measure customer orientation and individualize their products and communication. NAIX’s artificial intelligence-based software automatically redacts personal data in documents such as emails or social media posts. “With the help of the NAIX technology, we will be able to carry out our analyses in the future completely anonymized and in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR,” adds Spann.
“We are delighted to have gained a cooperation partner in Insaas, with whom we can expand our range of applications for the anonymization of personal data to include product analysis,” explains NAIX founder Ramin Karbalaie. “Artificial intelligence offers enormous potential to solve the concrete problems of companies. There are many companies that have a need to anonymize data in order to work with it. That’s why we can well imagine cooperating closely with Insaas in the future and developing joint software solutions.”

About Insaas

Insaas stands for “Insights as a Service” and offers companies a portal to analyze and summarize customer testimonials and unstructured text easily and automatically.Typical sources are customer feedbacks on products and services. Insaas has developed its own software to perform these analyses, based on artificial intelligence, validated rules and industry-specific dictionaries. For more information, visit

About NAIX

NAIX Technology has its expertise in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Founded in 2018, the Cologne-based legal tech company has developed software that automatically anonymizes personal data in documents based on artificial intelligence. The implementation of NAIX has a major impact on the business world: in transactions, e.g. mergers & acquisitions, GDPR cases, but also in regulatory and corporate processes, personal data must be redacted from documents. The goal is to offer companies a reliable, efficient and accurate anonymization and pseudonymization solution that can be perfectly adapted to their own project requirements. For more information, visit

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