Insaas Vector – The Next Innovation for Marketeers

Insaas Vector helps marketeers to position brands, services and products based on unstructured customer feedback

Denis Brediceanu
Denis Brediceanu
26. November 2020

In 2019 Insaas conducted its first successful projects within the CPG, Automotive and finance sector. Together with LMU Munich Insaas started a research project in June 2020 to investigate the degree of customer centricity for German car insurers.

For this project, the public feedback from more than 100 different sources of the 18 biggest German insurances was harvested and analyzed. We developed a set of specific NLP classifiers and dictionaries, dedicated for this purpose.

With the final polishing together with LMU in November 2020 we are proud to introduce Insaas Vector, a disruptive, data-driven approach to recognize and assess relevant consumer feedback at large scale in near real-time. Insaas Vector is our first product line.

Insaas Vector demo dashboard

We created a demo dashboard for you that shows an extract of the original data set of our research project on one car insurer as a potential customer. In comparison, two other insurances serve as a benchmark. The heart of the dashboard is the Customer Centricity Graph (CCG), a graph to compare different dimensions of product and services.

What is the value Insaas Vector provides?

Today, marketing experts and CMOs have to position brands, services and products in an insecure economic environment, in many cases in regard to global competition and based on volatile consumer behaviour.

Usually feedback, customer service and market research are found in different data silos and a 360° view on customer voices is limited. Therefore, marketeers are not really able to understand customer voice in quantity and quality at the same time.

With Insaas Vector, CMOs and their teams are able to aggregate customer feedback from various internal and external channels and analyse thousands of customer voices in regard to their own performance metrics.

How marketeers can stay ahead of competition with Insaas Vector

If marketeers have the information of aggregated customer feedback at hand, they are immediately able to see areas of improvement of product and service in regard to competition and increase customer experience and satisfaction. With the growing feedback over time and a self-learning system, marketeers can optimize the churn rate regularly.

In comparison to the Net Promoter Score (NPS), Insaas Vector offers a way to analyze and understand the reasons behind customer preference. Unlike Social Media Monitoring and Market Research Insaas Vector combines quantitative information with qualitative insights over a long period of time. Therefore, Insaas enables a new way of data-driven positioning for marketeers.

Want to get more details about Insaas Vector?

We are more than happy to introduce you Insaas Vector in a personal demo.